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Below you will find a selection of recent references from In2Q clients.

"The past year a lot of work has been done in order to improve the quality level of the Logistical Department within NVI.  In2Q has contributed to these efforts. In the NVI News Letter of juli 20th, 2007, an article was published entitled: "GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Audit: OK.! The article refers to a positive audit conclusion by  the supervisory pharmacist of an NVI customer at juli 5th, 2007. The result of the audit was very postive."
Nederlands Vaccin Instituut, 2007

Some reactions of participants:

"I am already working on a Quality Management System, however this was a good refreshement of my knowledge!"
"Now I have an idea how to start with quality in my practice. The training was very clear and fascinating."
"Very informative and clear."

Training Quality Management for Dental Practices, Implantologie Amersfoort, 2007

“During 2006, Diana supported the European implementation of SAP, coordinated from our European Logistics Center in Breda, The Netherlands. Diana joined us through all the major phases, including the succesful go live and after care periods, during which she focused especially on Quality and Disposition processes & procedures. Throughout the whole (almost 1 year) period, Diana proved to be a valuable, well respected team member. Her knowledge of the Quality processes as well as her excellent personal skills helped in making this complex project a true succes!”

Tom Steggerda, Amgen BV, 2007

“Diana de Rijk (In2Q) provided outstanding assistance to CAM Implants concerning the execution of the internal audit programme within our organisation. The enthusiasm, knowledge of the medical device branch and thorough quality background give added value to the results of the audits.

Through detailed analyses of the theory and sensitivity towards the employee on the work floor, Diana de Rijk (In2Q) has helped us to establish process-oriented documents. Through the sharing of ideas, the employee is effortlessly converted to a new way of working.”

Rutger Kuipers, Manager Quality Assurance, CAM Implants BV, 2006

“Diana is a professional of the highest calibre, who meticulously performs her planned activities and researches, formats, and proofs related documentation. She is enthusiastic, dedicated with reliable work habits. She is also a conscientious, highly-skilled instructor helped by her innate sense of people relationship. While she can bring a lot of value within a team, Diana is also an innovative self-starter, who can take decisions. She rarely needs help but willingly accepts it when offered. She is punctual and generally exceeds expectations.  She adheres and fits easily to various company standards. She handles pressure well, and will voluntarily work overtime to meet a deadline. She is consistently successful in improving her skills, and she works hard to do so.  I've received many compliments from customers who rely on Diana’s work.
Diana is an invaluable asset to many areas, and I highly recommend her. If you would like to discuss more details, please don't hesitate to ask Diana my contact references, I would be happy to provide them.”

Patrick Delrue, Sr. Consultant, Cyberconseil, 2005.